We strongly feel the need to give meaning to the concept “Made in Italy”, which is besides all things, why we are so proud of our work: all phases of our production chain are carried out in our territory and are the evolution of an artisan work, which has its own origins in Gubbio, in the heart of Italy. Colmef began as a producer of premixed technical products for the construction industry, more than thirty years ago.  Over the years, we have grown in number of employees, product lines, widespread diffusion of our commercial network, number of branches and we have now become an international company. However, what pushes us every day is the desire to get inspired by the old artisan know how, which is the basis and foundation of our culture and history. In 2001 our PIETRE D’ARREDO line was born out of this attitude. PIETRE D’ARRDO is a wide range of facings in reconstructed stone, inspired by the traditional architectural building technology. This same enthusiasm drove us to observe nature, going beyond the stone, creating CROMIE, a new collection of finishing elements, which give life to unique and personalized spaces.

Colmef S.r.l.

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